Liberia’s Health Minister, Dr Jallah denies Social Media reports that Nathaniel Blama is Coronavirus free

Health Minister Dr. Wilhelmina Jallah Wednesday denied social media reports that suspended Executive Director of the Environmental Protection Agaency, Nathaniel Blama has been tested negative for the second test.

She said, ‘Patient Zero is still positive’ after a retest of the man now officially known to be the first case of the coronavirus in Liberia.

Nathaniel Blama arrived home last Friday via the Roberts International Airport from Switzerland and tested positive by local health authorities.

“As far as I am concerned, the case is still positive, social media can report what they want because every day we do re-test,” the Health Minister said in reaction to social media reports that patient zero had tested negative for the second test.

Blama and four others were taken into custody, with he and his domestic worker, testing positive and the three others proving negative.

The Health minister also revealed that there is no additional confirmed case in the country, citing that there are over 100 contacts that have been rounded up and quarantined but there has been no positive case among them.

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