Pck returns to Liberia, expected to drop Over 6 international Collabos

Naymo Records lead vocalist has just returned to Liberia ahead of the duo Pck and L’frankie launch of “Back Side” on February 11 at Bash Lounge on the Marshall road . Pck The artist spent three weeks in Guinea , Senegal and Cameroon where he collaborated with several top artists of the three countries including Ragga Superstar Takana Zion,RnB Sensational ,Soul Bank and Duo, Banlieuz'art of Guinea, Lady Mouness of Senegal and Ariel sheney of Ivory Coast. Takana Zion( Guinea) “I’m telling you guys, come to Liberia, eat the food, wear the clothes and get the best voices,” he told the audience during

5 Tips for Upcoming Liberian Musicians

In the Music Industry in Liberia like other parts of the world, there are so many things a upcoming artist should do and try to avoid in order to easily elevate his/her career. This information is very important for any musician who is just starting his/her music career and aim to become one of the A-list artists. The below are things that have been a barriers to the success of many young artistes in Liberia Paradise Queen You should: 1. Get a Management Team This management team will help propel an upcoming artist or already established artist into limelight as a result of their skills, commitment

11 Liberian Musicians Careers that ended in Chey!

This article was not written with malicious intent but really, these folks have left us hanging for so long waiting for their next big hit or single that we have almost forgotten why we ever loved them or why they even existed in our industry . However, these artistes who once took the centre stage nothing much is heard of them again. Their light appears to have dimmed. Crafty K Crafty K was one of the founding fathers of hipco music in Liberia. He is a famous, creative and talented rapper. Crafty K has released several back to back hits like Da Love

10 Liberian Celebrities who got fames from the Social Media

In Liberia and other parts of the world ,Celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness. Movie stars, fashion models, Politicians, talented singers and comedians were once the typical representation of fame but today the rules are gradually changing rapidly. Celebrity is diversifying as social media and the rise of smart phone culture is altering the emergence of stars and the overall concept and perception of celebrity. There is no doubt that the historic shift to a digitally connected world is building a staggering online community where there are new rules on how people gain the vast platform of fame. The

Liberian US Based Gospel Artist Jamah Okanumee Released Two Great And Inspiring Albums.

Min. Jamah (Ndoma) Okanumee a Liberian US based gospel artist and a daughter of popular, renowned and famous Liberian singer 'Tokay Tomah' the late. She was born and raised in Liberia. She's married with two beautiful kids. Mrs. Okanumee started singing for Christ Jesus at the age of 10 and had much passion and enthusiasm for only gospel songs. She officially became a recording artist in 2012 and got inspired by the holy spirit. She's one of the Liberian gospel artists with high esteem and a truthful/faithful believer. Min. Okanumee have released two great and inspiring albums both consisting of six
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Mr Smith Lib. Money Album To Be Launched Soon

🚨 New Music Alert 🚨 Liberia Music Icon/Legend, Mr Smith Lib. Money Album “SUCCESSFUL” to be Launched & Released on November 29th, 2019 in Liberia, followed by a Musical Concert on December 13th, 2019. Album will be on Sale in Liberia /Nigeria /Ghana etc. for only $1 or $LD200 with 12 songs on it.Album will […]

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“New Music Alert” Lib Azonic Is Out With Something New For His Fans

Will You – Thatday Ft Feso 4

Mistake – Usher