SN Brussels and Air Maroc cancel Flights to Liberia

Due to the recent outbreak of the Coronavirus in Liberia,two major airlines making international trips to Liberia have suspended all flights.
SN Brussels and Air Maroc are two of the most relied upon airlines when making international trips to and from Liberia.
According to Frontpage Africa, traveling to Liberia from overseas is difficult than ever.
SN Brussels in a release disclosed that it is suspending all flights until April 19.Flight schedule will be gradually decreased in the course of this week.

The decision of Brussels Airlines to temporarily suspend all its flights between 21 March and 20 April has also been taken following the measures imposed by different authorities, such as the negative travel advice of the Belgian authorities, which Brussels Airlines fully understands, and the increasing number of national authorities in Europe and beyond who no longer allow flights to their territory. 

As of today, 17 March, the airline will gradually reduce its flight schedule until 20 March.

The release further said, From 21 March until 19 April included, all flights will be suspended. A continued and extended goodwill policy for customers is in place, offering them the opportunity to reschedule their flights to a later date.

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