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Which beef in the Music Industry worth discussing ?

The Liberian music industry has never shied away from hateful and spiteful relationships amongst its musicians. Many years have passed that have experienced various ‘beefs’ between two artistes that have never had a fruitful ending.

Whether it’s a battle of supremacy or superiority over fames and popularity, quality of music or other factors, there is always going to be the existence of beef among two or more music artistes in Liberia.

The sad thing is some of these ‘beefs’ always shake the whole industry and even cause fans to go against each other both on the internet and outside of it.

There was a time when Christoph had a toxic relationship with Coz, there was also another one between Christoph & Bucky Raw and also another one between Kpanto and Revoloxon Rocky. These sort of ‘beefs’ never cease to exist.

Which has been the maddest beef so far?

Christoph Vs Coz : Arguably the most popular beef in the history of Liberian music. These two guys went at loggerheads for over a month. Even their fans have not been left out in their beefs as they always like to create arguments to establish who is superior between the two. Although there have been moves to always bury the hatchet by the two superstars , the beef still finds away to resurrect.

Christoph VS Bucky Raw: After Buck was deported to Liberia, Christoph dropped his frustrations on Buck with Woomi oo. In his words he said ” buck isn’t the Trapco king as perceived by the fans. He further added, “Bucky doesn’t own the streets. After these words, Buck angrily slams the microphone on the floor and walked off.

The beef took the whole country until the two artists performed on the Davido concert in Liberia. Words on the streets indicate that the two artists are not stay cool despite several efforts by stakeholders to make peace.

Kpanto Vs Revoluxon: This beef went on almost unnoticed. Both Kpanto and Revoloxon have been slotting it out for the position of who is the best. Even recently, Kpanto keep throwing shids at Revo but the fans aren’t paying attention.

C Note Vs Coz: After leaving Liberty Ent due to some dissatisfactions, C Note dropped Hard Target throwing shids on Coz but the rapper didn’t respond leaving C Note as a toothless bull dog.

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