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Another productive and prominent Record Label To Hit Our Industry

LiBx Records is an independent record label founded in 2018 by US based Liberian artist Bexter Richardson alias Bx (BeX) who is also the CEO. The record had operated for about two (2) years without signing any artist but mostly creating a unifying platform for other independent artists. One of the records first and most admiring projects is the Uber You Remix project. The project had been the label’s most amazing since it was founded and hasn’t had any sign artist (s).

In 2020, Bx started the non-profit, LiBx Records Foundation, from a musical challenge that was carried on smoothly in the ghetto headed by top radio host O’Neal Roberts and Music Union VP Miatta Kamala was very instrumental in making the Zogo Challenge Successful. During the course of the Zogo Challenge, the label was proud to encounter Lady Piso and she became the first artist signed in 2020 and was followed by Nila B who won the Zogo Challenge.

Lastly we recently welcomed a Ghana based Liberian Afrobeat artist Marckeyz to the family. Our super three will be banging a lot of hits together on a HOT Collab coming soon. Their three (3) young, energetic and potential super heroes will work with top Liberian artistes in the diaspora as well as top Liberian based artistes.

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