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Syrus Kamara, known professionally as Freebase Sy

Profiling Freebase SY

Syrus Kamara, known professionally as Freebase Sy, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Sy is from Staten Island, New York. He is noted for his hit singles “Never Again”, “Tori “, and “L’s”. The single “Never Again” came off of Part 2 to his “Trending” series. Sy described the mixtape on social media sites Snapchat and Instagram as a different and much improved sound about himself and his current living. The single “L’s” came off of Part 2 of Sy’s “Save Yourself” series. This song is meant to be hilarious and something relatable to some people. The song is basically a story about what men usually think about women and how the men get caught up in the end. Sy was not really known for his first three mixtapes called “The Recovery”, “Revival”, and “Sinful”. On December 13, 2017, Sy released an unexpected EP called “Trending”. This EP consisted of 5 songs that showed that he was improving in his rap skills. The EP also showed that he had a little “sap” side with his music. This “sap” side was showed in his hit single “Tori”. This song is very catchy. Throughout the song, he explains how he stays “on the road” in his own lane as he refuses to cheat on his girlfriend (Tori) and ignore the “side chicks” and “fake people”. Freebase Sy is also in a music group formerly known as “Mob Of Trendsetters”. Mob Of Trendsetters (also known as M.O.T.) is an Atlanta-based music group founded by Freebase Sy , NarcoSplash, and Uno Jones in 2015. This music group started with 3 and now consist of many unsigned artists with amazing talent. The goal is to be heard. Our group will be “Forever Trending, Never Blending” to make a statement and show that we will not be the same as others.

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