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Entertainment Industry in Liberia, is it growing for Global Influence?

It has been long in coming, from its early days to date; Liberia’s Entertainment industry has witnessed a revolution of sorts; one driven by a little improvement in the music ,Movies and comedy which are gradually dying, creative arts, Blogging and alternative arts sectors.

Truth be told, this is one of the country’s oldest sector but sadly the sector is not growing due to several impeding factors:

1. Inability of the Government of Liberia headed by President George Weah who came from an Entertainment backgrounds to invest in Entertainment. Sadly as we speak, there is no budgetary allotment for Entertainment in Liberia.

2. Past and Present leaderships of the Entertainment Industry have created a culture of hustling rather than branding and marketing. There is no legacy left behind my past leaders and those currently in positions have even worsen Entertainment in Liberia.

3. Lack of support from many Liberians have contributed to the devastating state of the Industry .

4. Copyright enfranchisement has taken over the industry but key institutions responsible still silent as nearly 85% of Liberian artist’s works are not copyrighted

5. Talented young men and women careers have died down the line

6. Sadly, 80-90% of our Liberian celebs are only concerned about getting popular and have refused to initiate the marketing aspect of their careers.

7. Key stakeholders have stay away from the industry for so long and are now focus on their own personal agendas there than formulating a workable plan to improve the sector for years to come. The names DjBlue, Chris Wolo, Patrick Okai, Oneal Robert, Prince Kromah, Oxford Brown, amd so many of them have gradually slide away from the industry and we don’t see or hear them correcting the new breeds of Liberian Entertainer.

Today, the Entertainment Industry in Liberia is not it offering any brand leverage opportunities for celebrities and is not getting any attention from local and foreign businesses and fund managers, due to the absence of an institutional structure to address concerns about collaborations, quality of content and distribution/marketing issues. Today, we share some perspectives as part of our continuing focus the rebuilding of the Entertainment Industry in Liberia

Let take a look at Nigeria, Entertainment and Media industry is expected to rise from $4.46 billion in 2018 to $10.5 billion market by the end of 2023, as disclosed in PwC’s recent Entertainment & Media Outlook report.

The report, which was released in October 2019, disclosed that the market is dominated by internet revenue, as it presently contributes about 61% of the sector’s revenue, followed by Television and Video, which is expected to push towards $1 billion in revenue by 2023, after adding $172 million in five years.

With all being sad and done, is the Entertainment Industry in Liberia growing? Certainly not unless we change our minds and attitudes and build a culture of oneness with a high sense of branding and marketing.

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