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When Gossips aren’t Quarantine- Bintu Charmie Kromah Booked?

The Liberian social media was on Sunday buzzed with the report of Bintu Charmie Kromah’s gossips not being quarantined.

Bintu had been exposed by influencer Michelle Doe in a Facebook status for gossiping about female artist Raquel.

Some Liberian social media users have now called out musician, Raquel , to respond to the current issue but the artist is yet to say a word.

The Entertainment industry in Liberia has been known to have been corrupted by a number of bad eggs where gossips, hates, envy and disloyalty are the hallmark of Liberian Entertainment.

The now viral screenshots raised serious reactions on social media as Entertainers lambasted Bintu and also shared their own personal experiences.

Raquel has been known to tackle the ills of the society through her music and some fans seem to expect her to share her opinion on her current relationship with Bintu Charmie Kromah

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