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Falsehood: Accident not Domestic Violence- Djweezy Speaks

Controversial Radio Personality and Intellectual Property Ambassador, Djweezy has been linked with falsehood of Domestic Violence on his Australia-Based Girlfriend , Audrey Adam after she was involved in a motor accident on Saturday , February 1 about about 11:30am.

The media has since accused him of allegedly beating on his girlfriend,something that is far from the truth.

Screenshots in the possession of this platform revealed that Djweezy wasn’t around at the time of the accident and was making all efforts to locate his girlfriend.

According to weezy, he was forced to cancelled his State of the Industry Address on Saturday upon hearing the news of the accident.

I even reached out to Cralorboi CIC to ask for her location. Because I shouted at her on the phone, she was mad and refused to give me the location of the Clinic, he said.

When contacted, Audrey Adam said, is sad how Liberians will run with negative stories to ruin someone hard earned reputation.

She consented being involved in an accident and maintained Weezy wasn’t even at the scene.

Audrey Adam is expected to address the situation through a Facebook live.

Based on the two accounts, this platform can clearly say, the rumour is false and misleading intended to bring Djweezy to public disrepute.

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