Miss Capard identifies with less fortunate kids, paid 50 students fees

Liberian Australia Based Model, Miss Massa Capard has paid the registration fees of 50 students at three institutions in Paynesville, Liberia.

Massa is currently in Liberia on vacation and have observed that too many Liberian kids stand the risks of dropping out of schools due to the high economy constrains faced by their parents.

Its really sad to see my peers out of school in Liberia and what is most disheartening is the bad condition of most of the schools in Liberia, she said.

The gesture according to Miss Capard is to help less fortunate follow their dreams in getting quality education.

The Supermodel hopes the various schools authorities will provide the smooth learning environment for the kids

Miss Capard paid the fees of 28 Students at the Paynesville Community School, Joe Bar, 19 at the Soul Clinic Public School and 3 at the Care School System.

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