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Angel Dweh Drops A Debut EP of 7 Songs

A Liberian-American Singer, recording artist, Songwriter,dancer, and Actor has announced the release of his debut EP On May 21, 2021.

The EP which includes musical elements of Afrobeat, Pop, and R&B will be available on all digital streaming platforms.

The EP “I Am Angel Dweh” consists of seven vocal bangers

● Trouble

● Soldier

● Mokofee

● We(Messed Up)

● Waiting for You

● Come Over feat. Faithvonic

● Kokona

Born November 14, 1999, in Monrovia, Liberia to Liberian parents, and later immigrated to the United States in his early teens.

Since emerging on the music scene in 2020 with the hit singles “Love a Good Thing”, “Salud”, “Hard for Me” and “Flexin,” Angel has been grabbing the attention of critics both locally and internationally.

He is a Master Class Radio Award 2020 nominee for Artist of the Month for the Canadian radio show of the same name. Angel Dweh is a rising influential artist both in North America and western Africa.

Angel Dweh is currently the youngest brand ambassador outside of Liberia.

An Instagram ad grabbed the attention of Frontrvnners, a Canadian clothing brand who invited and signed Angel Dweh as a brand ambassador earlier this year. The company’s motto resonates with Angel’s determination to stay true to himself and hold fast to the mindset of loyalty to his family and vision.

The EP “I Am Angel Dweh” is storytelling from the first track “Trouble “ to the last track “Kokona”.

The song “Trouble” tells the story of Angel Dweh being the trouble maker and that his name is in everyone’s, the song starts with a female voice speaking the Liberia Koloqua English talking about how trouble Angel is. When the beat drop Angel sings but then later in the song Angel lays some rap-singing bars down giving reference to Liberia as LIB. LIB, he said is a short-term reference to Liberia(Africa), and when he was in Liberia it’s how he grow up saying it.

The song “Soldier” is an uptempo song. The song starts with drumline instruments. In the song, “Soldier” Angel sings about being the soldier and how the ladies should see him. In the song, Angel gives reference to Grand Gedeh and Sinoe County. He said that the instruments in the song remind him of when he was in marching band in High School.

The song “Mokofee” is about money, this song starts with Angle and a female having an argument about money. Then he sings about how the girl wanted his money and that she not going to have any of it. He said using the term Mokofee is to reach an audience beyond Liberia and the Liberian community. He describes mokofee as a motivational song for people to be bold and open.

We(Messed up) is a pop love song about two people who in love with each other but with their situation, they see each other as a mess-up match for each other. The song starts with a powerful vocal from Angel, Angel goes into expressing love and

The presence of Come Over was a pleasant and unexpected surprise on the EP. Come Over feat Faithvonic was released as a single in January of 2021, becoming a hit outside of the Liberian community and Liberia, the song is featured on Apple Music’s playlist Rated among some of Africa Top artist like a record achievement for a Liberian-American artist. Listening to “Come Over (feat. Faithvonic),” the song opens with bright background synths and a bouncy Afropop beat. Angel Dweh begins singing an inspirational message of spending his life with someone dear. Angel Dweh and Faithvonic serve the utmost spirited vibes through their passionate lyricism and equally enthralling performances.

The EP finished with a song called “Kokona” a Rhythmic and Catchy song. It was released in late 2020, becoming a hit among Liberians and others outside of Liberia. The song “Kokona” was one of the most played songs on independent radio stations in Nigeria, Tanzania, and several street DJs in Liberia. When the song was released in late 2021, Its first week on Spotify it gains 15,000 streams. The song was then added to DJ’s playlist in Nigeria and was published in an article on the Los Angeles Music site.

Angel Dweh said the release of ‘’Kokona’’and ‘’Come Over’’ were singles he released to prepared his fans for his EP “I Am Angel Dweh”. Stay connected by searching for Angel Dweh on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Audiomack.

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