I Want To Show The Unique Culture And Traditions of the Kpelle People, BBL Housemate Angeline Willie Speaks

Big Brabee Liberia season 2 is right in the corner and our attention has been drawn to one of the housemates in the upcoming reality TV Show. Her name is Angeline Willie or TeamAngee.

From the Kpelle tribe, Life has always been difficult with Angee who mother was physically challenge prior to her birth. Her father abandoned the entire family and as we speak Angee is still struggling to make life from a disadvantage background.

Growing up with a single mother that can’t afford, Angee was forced to sell Cold water and juice just to cater to the family.

Wow News Media was able to have Angee In an exclusive interview to explain her decision to Participate in the upcoming BBL.

WNM: Why do you want to participate in the BBL?

Angee “ Little or no attention has always been given to women in comedy in Liberia and I am about to break the deadlock in our industry .

Besides , I want to showcase the unique culture and traditions of the Kpelle people .

WNM: Are You a Comedian?

Angee “ I have always been a comedian but in Liberia no one pay attention to women in comedy. No Support , No money to even promote your comedy skits and so on.

WNM: Sad ! But what exactly are you taking in Brabee house ?

Angee: “ I am taking myself , The true me! Just want to be myself so I am taking my own personality.

WNW: Sorry to ask, you are from a poor background, what’s your chances of winning becuz the entire BBL is about votes and that’s money ?

Angee: Wow, a difficult one to answer. All I can say, I am about to showcase the unique culture and traditions of the Kpelle people and it’s my hope I will be love and favor by those who will be watching to come in and support me .

WNM: Consider yourself a winner of BBL season 2, what will you do ?

Angee: “ I already got a movie project with Desmond of Nigeria but no money to make that project a success. It’s my hope that after winning the BBL, I will travel to Nigeria and work on my first international project.

WNM: Finally , is there anything else you want to say?

Angee: “ I want the world to know that I am a female comedian and I too need attention . I want people to understand, I am depending on the public to vote and support me . I want people to know that I am entering BBL because I want to show to the world the unique culture and traditions of the kpelle people .

Angee hopes are high and say she enjoys acting, socializing and making people laugh.

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