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Killerbeatz And Young zee Dumped From Bilikon Ent as Lyee Bility Quit The Music Scene

Over the past few years, a different type of controversy has grown in popularity. As the scene is yet to attracts international attention and brings in money, more record labels are still been established. These labels seek fresh talent. The talents quickly sign papers without any legal understanding of those terms and conditions. Some later claim the terms of agreement were unfair. The pattern is now quite common: sign a contract, release music, become famous, regret, involve the media and walk away.

The artist versus record label battle is generally not new in the music industry due to non-compliance to contract terms.

Naturally, money is always the cause of these issues. The artist feels shortchanged and starts engaging in financial transactions without the knowledge of the record label.

Almost two years or more ,Bilikon Entertainment has been agog with Young Zee and Killerbeatz fighting for recognitions within the label, claiming they aren’t given attention no more within the label and alleged breach of contract and failure to fulfill contractual obligations by the label but these were the same allegations we heard before Kobazzie left the same Bilikon.

Bilikon Entire team (John Flomo,Killerbeatz, Young Zee, CEO Lyee and Cjay)

On the other hand, Bilikon Entertainment CEO, Lyee Bility said, the rumors that Bilikon went to court is misleading and the group hasn’t parted ways .

They’re not serious. Cjay is focus n in this as for the career part. The other just wanna be famous n chill with people who don’t matters in their career, he said.

Young zee and Killerbeatz

Cjay has shown he deserve all my attention. This is why I’m leaving Liberian entertainment to focus on him.

When asked how can he leave entertainment and focus on a single artist, Lyee said “ Because the single artist can manage himself. I’m just a helping hand

Cjay and CEO Lyee B

Lyee may be right because loyalty pays a lot in fostering any artist career but again that’s his side of the story .

For his part , Killerbeatz expressed serious disappointment and vowed to keep it on the low.

I can’t lie to u Bilikon mess my career up but nothing greater than God I will stay make a comeback, he said.


I am only asking Bilikon family to release my fans page , he added.

According to Young Zee, the both parties never went to court but handled their disputes with the both families.

Yeah oh ,he(Lyee) told me to leave he don’t want to work with me anymore, Zee said.

Young Zee

He even asked me to move out the team house but am trying to get my things out by this weekend, Young Zee added.

There are reports that Cjay is no longer sleeping at the apartment in 72nd rented by Lyee on grounds that his life is no longer safe with his teammates and demanding that young zee move out.

The entire Bilikon saga is marked by claims and counterclaims and it’s sad how the Music Union of Liberia has failed to set-up those blue prints in safeguarding the labels and artists.

Going by the standard of how record companies are run in developed countries, one could be tempted to say that Liberian record labels don’t have the right structure to properly function in the business terrain and on the other hands , Liberian artists are not loyal and have over the years refused to respect those terms and conditions within their respective contracts .

And a few labels who got small money in the country are guilty of promising things that they cannot fulfil to artistes, but when things go wrong, they would cry foul and make it seem it is the artiste that is wrong because they have the money.

Killerbeat and Young Zee are credited for hit bangers like 50-50, Boiling and Hay for it.

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