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Pck returns to Liberia, expected to drop Over 6 international Collabos

Naymo Records lead vocalist has just returned to Liberia ahead of the duo Pck and L’frankie launch of “Back Side” on February 11 at Bash Lounge on the Marshall road .


The artist spent three weeks in Guinea , Senegal and Cameroon where he collaborated with several top artists of the three countries including Ragga Superstar Takana Zion,RnB Sensational ,Soul Bank and Duo, Banlieuz’art of Guinea, Lady Mouness of Senegal and Ariel sheney of Ivory Coast.

Takana Zion( Guinea)

“I’m telling you guys, come to Liberia, eat the food, wear the clothes and get the best voices,” he told the audience during a live radio interview in Guinea.

Pck is one of the leading forces in the Afrobeats movement in Liberia that has swept the country’s music scene.

Ariel Sheney(Ivory Coast)

According to Pck, There is so much to be done in the Liberian Music industry concerning his experience outside of Liberia ranging from budgetary allotment to the sector as well as certain privileges should be granted to artists by central government as in the case of other African countries .

Lady Mouness( Senegal)

According to Pck, the expected international collaborations will open a new day for Liberian music on the African continent and the world at large .

Anytime I hit the studio with those great artists, first thing that comes to my mind “ I am representing a Country” so I have to give the records my best, he said.

Soul Bank( Guinea) is a signed artist with Sony Music , France.

The dream is to create an opportunity for every Liberian artist . Those guys are interested in the real raw talent and we as Liberian artists have to leave our comfortable zones and explore Africa , he added.

Banlieuz’rt (Guinea)

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