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5 Tips for Upcoming Liberian Musicians

In the Music Industry in Liberia like other parts of the world, there are so many things a upcoming artist should do and try to avoid in order to easily elevate his/her career.

This information is very important for any musician who is just starting his/her music career and aim to become one of the A-list artists.

The below are things that have been a barriers to the success of many young artistes in Liberia

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You should:

1. Get a Management Team

This management team will help propel an upcoming artist or already established artist into limelight as a result of their skills, commitment and/or connection.

2.DON’T rely on your music career alone

In order not to fall into the groups of relegated artists who have failed to give the public good contents, it is important you find a career outside Music.


3.Never Gossip About Fellow Artist to Another Individual

As an upcoming artist learn to listen to rumors and not spread rumors about another fellow artist thinking it will play to your own advantage.

4.Promote yourself by yourself

You should try and promote yourself through different platforms such as social media e.g facebook, instagram, twitter, radio, television, blog, influences, OAP, deejays, events etc.


5.Remain Loyal to those that supported you

Research has shown most of Liberian top musicians career ended because of dishonesty and disloyalty to the very people who jump started their career

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