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11 Liberian Musicians Careers that ended in Chey!

This article was not written with malicious intent but really, these folks have left us hanging for so long waiting for their next big hit or single that we have almost forgotten why we ever loved them or why they even existed in our industry .

However, these artistes who once took the centre stage nothing much is heard of them again. Their light appears to have dimmed.

Crafty K

Crafty K was one of the founding fathers of hipco music in Liberia. He is a famous, creative and talented rapper.

Crafty K has released several back to back hits like Da Love , Change my Diapers among others. His style was distinct but today the name Crafty K isn’t remembered by the current music lovers . The artist career ended fixing old computers and hard drives somewhere in central Monrovia with no intention of even making a come back. As a matter of fact , he dropped from the University of Liberia . Apparently he couldn’t afford to maintain himself at the State run university. He was once regarded as the foremost rapper of H Avenue, a label that has also lost relevant in the Entertainment industry.

Dj Squeezer

During the days of the Number 9, Dj Squeezer was one of the big things in the Liberian music industry but he lost all after he featured Ericgeso on the Number 9 remix. Perhaps featuring the Head head Boy was the biggest mistake in his career. Now Dj Squeezer is a father of two and has failed to make a come back in the industry. His entire career ended when Ericgeso was invited in Australia to perform the Number 9 remix . He accused Ericgeso of stealing his song but No one took him seriously since he couldn’t provide enough evidence to back up his claims and sounded wack on the song .

AK Nuah & LIB Dream

Lib Dream. We couldn’t get AK Nuah picture

These are two Liberian artistes that have sadly faded into oblivion . The both broke through the Industry with “Charge-hard” , a banger that top the playlists of every DJ in the country. There are rumors that the two artists parted ways due to their inabilities to handle their financial issues. Today, their names have been erased from the minds of every single lover of Liberian music due to inconsistency and their failure to maintain as hit artists.


Shamelessly, the artist lied on singing a record deal with Convict music headed by African Legend Akon after releasing Holy Ghost Fire lay Demons. The record remains the biggest thing that has ever happened in the artist career. Flex lyrics are so confusing and complicated coupled with his “frog voice” .

He is the worse among all. Not just bad lyrics but with same music styles and old dancinold sounds. The fans are tired already!

Royal DeBusta Pain

Busta Pain is a multiple award-winning artiste before he went on to become an entrepreneur and a family man. The talented singer was waxing stronger even when some of his colleagues were disappearing from the landscape.

His unforgettable songs include ‘ Grona man, Basket, Champion league among others. The name Royal DeBusta Pain is now history as the singer is busy selling Armstrong beers.

Chiller Coolnanee

For music lovers who are beginning to appreciate good music, Chiller Coolnanee is probably part of the old generation you should consider checking because of his voice and style of music.

Unfortunately, Chiller is on records for releasing only two hit songs in his entire career, “Just like Da and One More Chance “. The Hipco rapper has had the most disappointing career when a video circulated on the social media showing Chiller begging for food and his house rent. Unfortunately for Chiller , he released a dissed Song on Bucky Raw who later ended his career with just one line .

Sasu boy

Even if the younger generation does not listen to him, Sasu Boy is still a living Hipco legend.

Sasu Boy music genre revolves around current realities . He knows how to serenade his listeners’ right, and expresses it with the simplest of lyrics to convey his message of affection. Da your ma, Police Woman, Daliema among others still remain never die songs and will live up to the next generation.

His downfall started when he was arrested for allegedly stealing a tiger generator .


Killerbeatz is another successful Pop artiste, a member of Bilikon Entertainment. Killerbeatz is also a dope producer who has released several bangers that has stolen the show in the industry. He broke through with his hit banger “50-50 but unfortunately the artist has gone solo for over a year now . His recent Facebook post on how the fans have forgotten him is a clear indication that the artist career is ending in Chey!

Young zee

The Hipco Town Chief as he is affectionately called is credited for taking Hipco music to the street with his ‘Freestyle’. He has been described as “one of Liberia’s best freestylers by the Liberian media. He is remembered for his two hit bangers “Hay for ayy and Boiling”. Today, nothing solid has been heard from the Bilikon Captain who was once the talk of Paynesville City.


Margass or Open Ziapers Really Needs To Focus On The Music Race And Stay Consistent And Relevant. You All Will Agree With Me That Margass is One Talented Liberiab Artiste Who Drops Banging Tunes But Disappears After Few Months.

There’s Space For Margass This Year If He Can Get His Team Right And Consistently Drop Songs And Videos Back To Back but it like his career is ending in wocho.

Punchie D zombies

Take it or leave it, Punchie, has done himself a world of good in terms of staying true to Hipco. The artist has had a disappointing career since his stay at the SOG Records . The only banger for which he is remembered at times is the SOG Panda. Although he signed a new record deal last year and is strong and healthy ,Punchie has been forgotten as in the case of the late Quincy B, Dj Summertime and other fallen Hipco soldiers.

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