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10 Liberian Celebrities who got fames from the Social Media

In Liberia and other parts of the world ,Celebrity is a person who is known for his well-knownness.

Movie stars, fashion models, Politicians, talented singers and comedians were once the typical representation of fame but today the rules are gradually changing rapidly.

Celebrity is diversifying as social media and the rise of smart phone culture is altering the emergence of stars and the overall concept and perception of celebrity.

There is no doubt that the historic shift to a digitally connected world is building a staggering online community where there are new rules on how people gain the vast platform of fame. The o

The amazing experiences of the likes of RICA , Ezy Pain and others, who rose to unimaginable fame simply by posting videos and pictures of themselves and their unique skills, prove that anyone can become famous in the new order of things.

The truth is that instead of maintaining role models on Radios, television and magazines, the new generations look to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter in searches of their idols.I

Now please meet 10 Liberian celebrities who rose to fame from the social media

Tyrese Tarr

Tyrese is a typical example of how celebrities can establish themselves breaking away from the norm and old order of fame ascension. His live Facebook Talkshow with Fries FM became an instant hit and spread like wildfire as people happily joined the group. Tyrese is also a founding member of Shaking Table and has become a mainstay in Liberian Entertainment.

Today, Tyrese has become a brand influencer and can easily market your business as compare to you visiting a TV or a radio station.

Audrey Adam

The Liberian -Australia based entrepreneur, Humanitarian, Promoter and Blogger just won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Paynesville Entertainment Awards. She is currently the CEO of Global Aid Support and Wow News Media. Currently, she is working with over 500 less fortunate young people in Paynesville and is expected to launch a major e-commerce website this year. She is passionate about promoting and developing young talents through her Most TalkAbout National Talent Competition.

Karishma DeQueen

I do not know of any other celebrity in Liberia that got the biggest endorsement deals in the Liberian Entertainment industry other than HerRoyal Highness. The girl certainly needs no introduction on Liberia’s entertainment front as she is perhaps the only person that combines all the skills necessary for survival in acting, radio and comedy with her exceptional versatility. Karishma is currently the Brand Ambassador for Aqualife, SEGAL Security Firm and NICOM Distillery. She runs HerRoyal Highness Charity Foundation and HerRoyal Highness Entertainment with class and distinctions

Ezy Pain

Ezy Pain is certainly enjoying much love and attention at the moment and many thinks he will last long. Emerging as the next big thing to watch in Liberia’s comedy industry, Ezy Pain ability to turn current reality in comedy can’t be overemphasized. Ezy has built on the success of his shared videos and has translated that level of brilliance and creativity on the big stages in Liberia. The comedian just Returned from Big Brabee Liberia.

Benita Urey

Many people argue against this, but it is very much understandable Benita is one of the most outstanding Social Media Personality in Liberia. Benita is the owner of the Liberia Influence, one of the leading social media blogs and Continue to promote the Liberian arts and culture . Beside being a top rated Blogger , Benita is a leading advocate on the fight against sea erosion in Liberia. She owns one of the biggest modeling Agency in Liberia, Imodelis . Although she has been criticized about her love life, Benita has proven to be a role model and a lead campaigner against rape and other forms of sexual and gender based violence in Liberia


The Big Brabee Liberia Reality TV show has been the stage that made RICA a star in Liberia. Since the Big Brabee franchise hit Liberian television space, we’ve seen RICA turned from unknown to celebrity with huge followings. RICA was just as ordinary as anyone on the social media until she took part in the first edition of the Big Brabee Liberia.she became the most talked about reality TV star in less than two weeks of her stay in the house.

She was a mix of everything reality TV stands for which includes originality, boldness, and drama. In fact she is widely considered as a Drama Queen.

Anthony Fofana

One celebrity we believe was built to handle all the drama and controversies around is Anthony Fofana also known as Thatday. From a basketball superstar to a renowned Blogger and social media influencer , Anthony remains one of the most popular and handsome celebs, making positive change in Liberian Entertainment. His ability to dig out hidden facts in the entertainment industry is unmatched. Anthony is the founder and CEO of Gossip Liberia and African Speculations.

Sheikh Mohammed

Sheikh caught the attention of everyone with his style of writing and in no time won the Blogger of the year award. He was quick to attach himself to situations that absorbed many who followed Diamondonline. He became critical on top rated Trapco Rapper, Bucky Raw who got irritated and dissed him as a “long neck Blogger” Today Sheikh has changed the narratives of blogging in Liberia and is considered to be a top rated social media personality and brand influencer.

Michelle Doe

Michelle Doe or Michelle Michelle for short is a writer, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a blogger that’s best known for her self-titled blog, where she covers everything from entertainment and fashion to lifestyle and beauty, with a bit of gossip thrown in for good measure. Interestingly, Michelle Michelle has gotten 1 million views on YouTube for displaying the Liberian arts and Culture . She currently runs the Michelle Michelle Foundation and is considered as a top brand influencer.

Gary The Blogger

Little Gary rise to fame in the Liberian Entertainment circle as a blogger, proves that age isn’t a barrier in the new order of celebrity climb. His irritating articles about people left many with eager anticipation of more posts from him.

Ever since his first viral video, when he was slapped, Gary The Blogger has stood his ground and today he has signed a major endorsement deal with Golden Gate Night Club for promotion.

There are many other examples of others, breaking from the norm and carving a niche for themselves to become respected celebrities, it is our hope that several others will leverage on the new media and harness its huge potential, especially since it has come to stay.

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