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Behind the Music, Liberian Artists more likely to suffer and die from depression.

By: Amb djweezy D Boss

Recent studies recently published on the ten professions with the highest rate of depression, people working in the arts are fifth most likely to suffer from depression and with the poor health facilities and high rate of inflation in the country, Liberian artists are more likely to suffer and die from depression. Fostering your career as a musician isn’t just periloud when it comes to earning a living, it also causes damage to your physical and mental health.

Drugs and Alcohol have featured in the lifestyles of so many Liberian Artists for so long that sometimes it’s difficult to tell if depression is the symptom or the cause. Some Liberian artists use them to steady their nerves before performances, others use them to come down from the high of the performance.

Over 85% of Liberian artists drink alcohol or take narcotics before attending an event. Many people who become performers do so to fulfill a craving for acceptance and love from their audience, they need that affirmation to be able to feel good. But having a love affair with people you don’t know creates dissatisfaction, heartbreak, and disappointment, often as soon as you leave the stage or alone at home.

Most Liberian artists are living with depressive illness and their problems go undiagnosed and untreated. Often, what makes an artist great is the fact that they are born. Liberian artists worry about where their next pay packet will come from and is expected to always be at the top of their game.

Does this mean that Liberian artists have to suffer for their art?

Liberian artists like any other artist around the world can go to those dark places but they must not make them their home

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