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Liberian US Based Gospel Artist Jamah Okanumee Released Two Great And Inspiring Albums.

Min. Jamah (Ndoma) Okanumee a Liberian US based gospel artist and a daughter of popular, renowned and famous Liberian singer ‘Tokay Tomah’ the late. She was born and raised in Liberia. She’s married with two beautiful kids.

Mrs. Okanumee started singing for Christ Jesus at the age of 10 and had much passion and enthusiasm for only gospel songs. She officially became a recording artist in 2012 and got inspired by the holy spirit. She’s one of the Liberian gospel artists with high esteem and a truthful/faithful believer. Min. Okanumee have released two great and inspiring albums both consisting of six (6) songs.

The first album is titled ‘GRACE’ which contained six (6) songs and the second album titled ‘HOLD ON’ which also contained six (6) songs. The sensational gospel artist is working on a single which she titled ‘Holy name’ and will be completed soon. Meanwhile she also has a song ‘My Desire’ which she is currently promoting.’My Desire’ is the artist’s most loved and favorite song on the album ‘Grace’.
Min. Okanumee is not just doing gospel music but also a born again Christian that is evangelising for Christ through her songs.

Follow her on Instagram: @ndomajamah

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