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Profiling Bexter Richardson “Bex”

Bexter Richardson, a.k.a Bx (pronounced “Bex”), is a Liberian-American singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and entrepreneur. Bx works and lives in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area. Outside of music and work, he also serves in the Army National Guard and runs an IT start-up he co-founded in 2018. Bx has also founded and led several music groups and dance performances throughout his upbringing beginning in West Africa and here in the United States.

The multi-cultural experience of his background has created and contextualized his interests in international music, specifically music in the Afrobeats, Hip Hop and R&B genres. Bx was one of the founding members of the group, JBx Records. JBx released and performed its first single, Cha Cha, during Coast2Coast Live 2019 (Richmond) and won first place. Bx later created L.i.Bx Records to serve as the main independent record label for all his indie projects and collaborations. He currently resides in Maryland, his home-state, where he continues to showcase his talent and love for Afrobeats, Hip Hop,and R&B music.

High School – Northwestern High School, MD
College (BA) – Sewanee: University of the South, TN
Post-Graduate (MA) – The University if the South,TN

Identity- As a native of West Africa, the influence of both the original Afrobeat sound, as pioneered by Fela Kuti, and Afrobeats sound, as trending in West and Sub-Sahara Africa,give indentiy to the style.

  • The Hip Hop and R&B culture continue to also form a strong part of the musical identity since Bx grew up and continues to live in the DMV area and has also spent some
    crucial part of his life in southern United States.


Fused Contents- The vision is to not just ensure the fusion of Afrobeats and
other international genres but to also play an influential
role in the movement here in the U.S., especially as the
industry continues to embrace and features this style of music.
Afrobeats, Hip Hop and R&B Music

Intention- The intention is to create contents that mix the Afrobeat
flavors with other international genres, specifically, Hip Hop
and R&B. And, in so doing, enrich our American music and
culture. Enrich Culture

Coast2Coast Live (Richmond Edition)
1st Place Winner (JBx)
Coalition DJs Tennessee, Baltimore Got Talent
Participant (Bx)
Spotify Podcast, NY
(Billy) Big Shot Beats Collaboration

FB Account:
FB Fan Page:
IG: L.i.Bx
Youtube Channel: LiBx Records

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