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Canc Files In Divorce Papers?

Apparently we all know that what God put together no man put asunder. But is like the newest gospel artist CanC is about to get divorce or have been divorced according to the post she made some minutes ago.

In the post she said, she can’t wait to get single again and some men make her sick which she regretted saying yes I do.
Canc with this saying; “We know you are married but are you happily married? This is the question she asks.

We closely followed Canc for months now before she posted this update. Knowing that when you are married the family name changes but these few days CanC is bearing her father’s name which is Chea.

According to reliable sources her husband Mr. Amos Lenz Mulbah ceo of Lenz Records left their matrimonial home about two (2) weeks ago with his daughter Lenzlyn.

Reports indicate that Mr.Mulbah left with his two cars and waved all the properties to the gospel artist.
Being away from the matrimonial home Mr. Mulbah said,he’s tired of the so called marriage and is not willing to accept Nelly C. Chea back as his wife but rather giving the properties to her in the term of divorce because it is what every woman needs.

Is this another form of publicity stunts? This is one question that needs to be answer because Canc is noted for making dramas with her relationship.

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