Is Ricklyn Myers an undercover Lesbian?

As the law on the ban of same sex marriage is yet to take effect, lesbianism is rising in urban areas in Liberia. A trend that was once done in secret, ladies are coming out boldly to declare their love for one another without shame.

Of recent top Radio Personality, Rickslyn Myers has been advocating for gays and Lesbian Rights which many are surmising that the young Radio Presenter is an undercover Lesbian.

Famous OAP Ricklyn Myers is one of the public figure who uses her social media handles to advocate for the rights of gays and lesbian of Liberia to the astonishment of her many followers.

She puts so much energy into her advocacy that if there was an opportunity given her to sign the rights gays and lesbian or their legal movement in Liberia, she could have gladly done it without second thoughts.

The allegation of her being a lesbian dated back to two years ago during Christoph and Bucky Raw’s beef in the late 2018. Ricklyn Myers was one of the figure that feed Bucky and the media with information about Christoph being a gay till she was threatened by one of Christoph’s fan to back off if not exposed a video of her(Ricklyn) begging for threesome with other celebrities in Harbel Margibi County.

Being the crafted person she is, she smartly cover-up tbut dare not spoke of the beef again.

The story spread like wide fire but as time went by with new events unfolding the issue of Ricklyn threesome video was forgetting but Rickslyn is still not bother as she has make public her preference for a young lady.

Is she a Leabian?

The young personality also frown at people for exposing gays and lesbian and even call them names thereafter take to her Twitter account to advocate and plead that gay and lesbian be given the rights to live their lives as she term it.

As the saying goes “nothing stay hiding under the sun forever, she had exposed the reason for her constant advocacy and plead for gays and lesbians right as she posted photos of she and her “best_friend” romancing themselves.

Judging from the photos both Ricklyn Myers and her acclaimed “best friend” were in their zones and posted some real romantic pictures that could claimed anyone attention.

Waking the morning with a sane mind and the thousands of mentions in the comment sections of different blogs, she realized the big mistake she had done to herself.

It’s like she used her hands to feed herself poison.

As smart and crafted she thinks she is, she quickly posted on Twitter saying
๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿฟ “Facebook Liberians are disrespectful and mad if they believe that she is sleeping with her best friend and, if their claims of her being a lesbian was right she could have snash Chicks from their babes”.

Unfortunately for her pictures speak a lot and those disturbing images have created several thoughts in the minds of so many Liberians.

If she is actually a Lesbain, why canโ€™t she be like The American Idol Winner , JustSam who publicly announce being a lesbian or Taurus Cole who also announced of being a gay and maintained that 99% Liberians are undercover gays and Lesbians ? Was he actually referring to a person like Rickslyn?
Again, did she do anything wrong to post the love of her life?


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