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Liberian American Based Artist collaborates with Kizzy W A Hot Banger

After the released of his newest single “YOU SAY” that is on tunesliberia.com, Yfnskillz is about to dropped another hot banger featuring Kizzy W who is also the producer of the track.

Speaking to the promising and talented rapper via his messenger, he said working with Kizzy W is no regret and it is his pleasure.

The young lad is a Trap/Hip-Hop artist of record label 404. He further noted that in the future he will like to work with some top artists like Ericgeso, Boifatty, Revo , Caro, CIC etc.

Yfnskillz is a versatile and promising Liberian rapper based in the US. His rhythms and flow are unique and well arrange lyrics.

Yfnskillz writes;

At the Moment we’re working on 1 song right now but planning on doing more Collabo, kizzy the producer and for the title we haven’t come up with it yet until everything is all in place.
And it feels good working with kizzy because he’s a very well known talented artist in the Liberian industry so it adds a little pressure on me as an upcoming Liberian artist to know how to step my game up.

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