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Peace Tokoh Manneh

Peace Tokoh Manneh artistically known as Peace, is a Liberian Hip-Hop rapper based in the US. He graduated from the college of Business and has set his sights on the business of the music industry.

Since 2009, he started by uploading some songs to myspace and have been working on his talent and honoring his craft. Eleven years later, Peace has decided he’s ready to show the world and his home country Liberia what he can do. The artist was raised by his grandmother in Philadelphia, PA where his love for the Liberian culture grew. In 2009 Peace moved to Elizabeth NJ where he lived with his father and brother. After losing his father in 2014, Peace made the decision to move to California and four years later in 2018 he did so. Now in California, Peace has his eyes set on African unity and showcasing the beautiful cultures present in the motherland.

Instagram: @liberianpeace
Facebook: Peace Manneh

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