Philadelphia Treasurer , Christian Dunbar fires for Sham Marriage

The treasurer of Philadelphia Christian Dunbar (above) was fired Friday after federal prosecutors charged him with embezzling money from customers at a bank where he previously worked and entering into a sham marriage to win U.S. citizenship According to the Daily Mail, Mayor Jim Kenney noted that the allegations against Christian Dunbar did not involve […]

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Who wins Miss Earth Liberia 2020?

Barely a day to Liberia’s most prestigious Pageant, Miss Earth Liberia 2020, there are several miss reactions from the public as to who walk away with the Crown. Miss Earth Liberia is an annual beauty pageant show which showcases positive attributes of Young Liberian women as they represent the elements of the earth . The […]

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Ents & Arts

Liberian US Based Gospel Artist Jamah Okanumee Released Two Great And Inspiring Albums.

Min. Jamah (Ndoma) Okanumee a Liberian US based gospel artist and a daughter of popular, renowned and famous Liberian singer ‘Tokay Tomah’ the late. She was born and raised in Liberia. She’s married with two beautiful kids. Mrs. Okanumee started singing for Christ Jesus at the age of 10 and had much passion and enthusiasm […]

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Ents & Arts

Another productive and prominent Record Label To Hit Our Industry

LiBx Records is an independent record label founded in 2018 by US based Liberian artist Bexter Richardson alias Bx (BeX) who is also the CEO. The record had operated for about two (2) years without signing any artist but mostly creating a unifying platform for other independent artists. One of the records first and most […]

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Artists Profile

Profiling Bexter Richardson “Bex”

Bexter Richardson, a.k.a Bx (pronounced “Bex”), is a Liberian-American singer, songwriter, dancer, record producer, and entrepreneur. Bx works and lives in the DC, Maryland, Virginia (DMV) area. Outside of music and work, he also serves in the Army National Guard and runs an IT start-up he co-founded in 2018. Bx has also founded and led […]

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Rights Group Calls for Investigation Into Rape Allegations Against Bishop Jermaine Jones

A cross section of Human Rights advocates are calling for a probe investigation into rape allegation made against Bishop Jermaine Jones by Gospel misician Kanvee Adams Addressing a major Press Conference in Congo Town, the Spokesperson of the group, Guladia T Nyamalon said, allegations made against Bishop Jones should be taken very seriously. She said, […]

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Ents & Arts

Canc Files In Divorce Papers?

Apparently we all know that what God put together no man put asunder. But is like the newest gospel artist CanC is about to get divorce or have been divorced according to the post she made some minutes ago. In the post she said, she can’t wait to get single again and some men make […]

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Is Ricklyn Myers an undercover Lesbian? As the law on the ban of same sex marriage is yet to take effect, lesbianism is rising in urban areas in Liberia. A trend that was once done in secret, ladies are coming out boldly to declare their love for one another without shame. Of recent top Radio […]

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