Karishma solicits Support to Safe a 5 months old Baby diagnosed with Down Syndrome and heart abnormality

The Ceo of TheRoyal Highness Foundation, Karishma DeQueen is seeking financial assistance to safe little Destiny who was today diagnosed at the Global Pharmaceutical Hospital by Doctor King with Down syndrome and heart abnormality. According to Dr. King, Little Destiny needs two Major Surgery(A HEART Surgery & a C-Spine Surgery. The Doctor advice that the […]


MCM: International DJ Nelly

Chuku Degbe popularly called DJ Nelly , is Liberia’s Most decorated DJ with about 10 awards . With over 15 years of experience as a Club and Radio DJ, Nelly is perhaps the most booked Liberian Home Based DJ on International shows in the country. Dj Nelly has worked and played at several big Clubs […]

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LNP Police Inspector General Patrick Sudue enforces the 6pm Stay Home Order- Journalists and Health Workers affected

Liberia’s Police Director, Patrick Sudue has parked over 500 vehicles in front the newly constructed Ministerial Complex in Congo Town for what he called violating President Weah 6pm lockdown restrictions. Although some of the vehicles have the official COVID-19 Access Pass, the Police Director has Mandated tickets be issue to all drivers. Our Reporter who […]

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Profile: Liberian-Australia Based Promoter,Audrey Adam

Audrey Adam (born December 7 ) is a Liberian-Australia Based creative industries entrepreneur,Promoter and the Ceo of Global Aid Support, an Humanitarian organisation. She is known for her involvement in providing jobs for underprivileged youths in Liberia through her Clean City Campaign. Audrey is also the CEO of The reliable Platform, Currently, she is […]