Is Ricklyn Myers an undercover Lesbian? As the law on the ban of same sex marriage is yet to take effect, lesbianism is rising in urban areas in Liberia. A trend that was once done in secret, ladies are coming out boldly to declare their love for one another without shame. Of recent top Radio […]

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Crush on Fanta Konneh

Fanta Konneh is not your average Liberian Promoter and Blogger but she is immensely contributing to the Liberian Entertainment Industry.She owns the First ever Liberian-Norway Blog, LIB Star by FK.Although there has been huge controversies surrounding her love life , Fanta has remained strong and focus in pushing her game to a whole different level. […]

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Inovative Teenagers

SPOTLIGHT: INOVATIVE TEENAGERS Young people today has been driven by so many negative factors, thus leading most of them into not having a specific goal in life. But in the face of indecisiveness amongst young people, there are still youths who have obligated themselves to being change makers, through carrying out Sensitization and encouragement programs. […]

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Pastor Raped Female Student To Death

The Resident Pastor of the Duozon United Methodist Church, Rev. Emmanuel Giddings has allegedly raped a female student to death. According to sources, the incident ocurred Monday, May 24, the end of the WASSCE Exams. Sources disclosed the victim only identified as “ODELL” left her friends at a entertainment center after fallen drunk to the […]

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By: Steve Baryo To answer such important question, we most first consider our way of life while we are single. There are several factors to understand in knowing if we are actually ready for marriage. 1. RELATIONSHIP How do you treat your immediate family(Parents and siblings)? Are you usually expressing yourself by using profanity or […]

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