Please Meet Promoter Patrick Jarbah

Name: Patrick JarbahNickname:Mr.spicliberiaDOB: June 25, 1995POB: Montserrado, Liberia Mr.spicliberia is a upcoming talents promoter, Co_founder and executive coordinator of, a website that promotes Lib artist in the country and abroad, and the CEO of Barnesville Music Association (BMA). Mr.spicliberia is a former employee at who once served as a publicity manager. Mr.spicliberia has […]

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The Liberian Music Industry, Potential Poverty Mine?

The Liberian Music industry is undoubtedly making Musicians poor than even earning a little. Over a hundreds of talented young people’s dreams and aspirations die on a daily basis due to lack of income after investing their little dimes into the industry. Where is Xpolay, Picardo, Bone Dust, Noy Z, Real Nigga, AK Nuah, DJ […]

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MCM: International DJ Nelly

Chuku Degbe popularly called DJ Nelly , is Liberia’s Most decorated DJ with about 10 awards . With over 15 years of experience as a Club and Radio DJ, Nelly is perhaps the most booked Liberian Home Based DJ on International shows in the country. Dj Nelly has worked and played at several big Clubs […]

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WCW: International Comedian Miracle Gbayee

Miracle Gbayee popularly known and referred to as Miracle, is a Liberian International stand-up comedian, Humanitarian and Ceo for the Miracle Gbayee Pockets of Miracle, a Charity Organisation working to improve the living conditions of the underprivileged. Miracle has gotten a million plus views on a comedy skit which gained her Special recognition from Hollywood. […]

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WNM: Personality of the Week

Amb Duplexe Rickey JaeploeCeo Shizo Magazie/ Manager Studio 57 In Liberian Entertainment , it is almost impossible to talk about key stakeholders in the game without mentioning Amb Duplexe Rickey Jaeploe who is affectionately called DJ Asaboi. This is one Entertainer/Radio and TV Personality who has blazed the trail, broken glass ceilings and distinguished himself […]

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Ungrateful Poor Humanitarian Cece Maintain

We all have moments of ungratefulness. It’s just human nature but the story of former Starpower” Cece Maintain and Djweezy is something Wow News Media can’t let slide. Some people get so caught up in their own bubbles and concerned with their own problems that they forget to think about and appreciate the things that […]

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Inovative Teenagers

SPOTLIGHT: INOVATIVE TEENAGERS Young people today has been driven by so many negative factors, thus leading most of them into not having a specific goal in life. But in the face of indecisiveness amongst young people, there are still youths who have obligated themselves to being change makers, through carrying out Sensitization and encouragement programs. […]

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By: Steve Baryo To answer such important question, we most first consider our way of life while we are single. There are several factors to understand in knowing if we are actually ready for marriage. 1. RELATIONSHIP How do you treat your immediate family(Parents and siblings)? Are you usually expressing yourself by using profanity or […]

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By: Steve Baryo World Health Organization (WHO) on May 20, 2019 appointmented four new goodwill ambassadors. The appointment was announced by WHO Director- General Dr. Tedros Adhamon Ghebreyesus. These ambassadors were chosen from several fields of Politics, Football and Community mobilization to promote healthier lives, stronger health work forces and improved mental health globally. The […]

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